Way Off Topic With Phoenix West!

September 18, 2017

91817-- Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio " host @LLNKZ goes Way Off Topic with @PhoenixWest this week! Find all of Mr. Wests great shows including the show i CO-Host with him " The Twilight Zone Review " by visiting www.LoiteringInWonderland.com and download or stream @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO From iTunes, Stitcher Radio, The Podbean App and Proudly at www.RedDragonsRadio.com .. Cheers!!


Late Night Game of Thrones Post Season 7 Convo with @Hyper_Nutz

September 4, 2017

Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio " @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO Host @LLNKZ is joined by Friend of the show and Huge #GameofThrones fan @Hyper_Nutz to BS about GoT and just a bunch of other shit i cant remember at the moment! it was a Fun Chat though! That i can recall! ... Cheers!


#GameofThrones Season 7 Finale’ review!

August 30, 2017

Hosts of @WAYOFFTOPIRDIO @KRSPZ & @LLNKZ ( Frank & Pez) Review the GoT S7 Finale in our WOTR kinda way! Stream or download the show from iTunes. Stitcher Radio, the Podbean app, and proudly on demand at RedDragonsRadio.com ... Cheers!!


#GameofThrones S7 E6 “Beyond The Wall “

August 26, 2017

#GameofThrowns S7 E6 "Beyond the Wall" Hosted by @LLNKZ driving down to St. Louis for the Gateway Indycar Race, Watching the entire episode on Netflix while recording this so for a bit of a change in pace? Watch the episode along with Frank as he watches, and Podcasts a review on it while driving 80mph down the Highway!! How Hea Survived this long? Per has been pondering that very thought for years! ... Enjoy ya cunts!!


Game of Thrones S7 E5 ” East Watch ” Weekly #Spoiler Review

August 17, 2017

@WAYOFFTOPICRDIO Hosts @LLNKZ & @KRSPZ "Frank & Pez" Welcome you to enjoy the only Talk Show about Anything & Everything! From " Game of Thrones " to Special Guests! Stranger Things to Select Movie reviews that will either be Terrible or one good Damn Entertaining as hell Radio Show!


Game of Thrones S7 E4 “Spoiles of War” Weekly Review

August 12, 2017

Hosts Frank & Pez ( @LLNKZ & @KRSPZ ) of @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO are back to do Their Weekly "Spoiler" review of #GameofThrones Season 7 Episode 4 called "Spoils of War" Arguably and is between Hosts, one of if not the Best Episode of GoT to date! Don't miss next weeks show! 3 more to go and the best of this season has yet to come! Stream or Download this show from iTunes, Stitcher Radio, The Podbean App and Proudly On Demand at RedDragonsRadio.com .... CHEERS!!


Game Of Thrones S7 E3 “The Queens Justice” weekly Review

August 4, 2017

Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio! " Hosts Frank & Pez Presents their Weekly SPOILER Review Show of #GameOfThrones Season 7 Episode 3 "The Queens Justice" Edition! Follow Hosts @LLNKZ & @KRSPZ of @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO on Twitter! Stream or Download the show from iTunes, Stitcher Radio, The Podbean App, RedDragonsRadio.com and YouTube .... Cheers!!


#GameofThrones Youtuber/Creator “Gray Area!” Goes Way Off Topic With Frank and Pez

July 28, 2017

72717 @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO is very honored and proud that tonight When Frank & Pez Review #GameofThrones S7 E2 They are also joined by one of the best #Got/ASOIAF #Youtuber and #Creator of the Awesome Channel " Gray Area " !!! Pease welcome and let her know that 3 times on the show is a new record! @ThisGrayArea also Went Way Off Topic About this unanamously thought of Very Very Good Ep2 to Season 7 .....Cheers!


#Spoiler Review of #GameofThrones S7 E1

July 21, 2017

Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio " Hosts @KRSPZ & @LLNKZ of @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO Bring back their #Spoiler Review of #GameofThrones Show! Enjoy S7 E1 ...Cheers!


#GameofThrones Youtube Creator “Gray Area” Returns to Way Off Topic Radio

July 15, 2017

71517- @WayOffTopicRdio Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio! " #GameofThrones #Youtube Creator "Gray Area" Returns to Way Off Topic Radio and talks with @LLNKZ about many many things surrounding the very very MUCH Antisapated Preimere Episode to Season 7 of #ASOIAF Game of Thrones on HBO! Subscribe to Her Channel by Searching Gray Area on Youtube and Follow her on Twitter at @ThisGrayArea #GetHyped