Missy and Franks exciting Friday night drives

May 20, 2017

Testing new mics! Yup!


Road trip with Frank & Pez

May 11, 2017

This Weeks Show of @WayOffTopicRdio Hosts @KRSPZ & @LLNKZ Take you on a Road Trip of Music and stories through the Pine Barron's of South Jersey! .... Cheers!


@ThisGreyArea Joins the Show to Go Way Of Topic on Game of Thrones!

April 14, 2017

Welcome to @WayOffTopicRdio! We are very humbled and honored to welcome one of our favorite #GameOfThrones Youtuber @ThisGreyArea to the show to talk about our #1 Favorite show Game of Thrones! Check out all of her very awesome GoT/ASOIAF Videos at www.YouTube.com/GreyArea Stream or Download the show at iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher radio and as always Proudly on Demand at www.RedDragonsRadio.com .. Cheers!!


Way Off Topic Radio Late Night Recordings with DXDONMEGA & BFLOURY

March 26, 2017

32517- Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio " @LLNKZ hosts a late night recording session with a new member to the @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO Family @BFloury and our very good friend we all Love to have on the show @DXDONMEGA host of @AmIonTheAir and Creator of www.RedDragonsRadio.com where we are very proud to be a part of! Stream or download the show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Podbean as well as @RedDragonsRadio!


Just Because Your on Vacation….

March 21, 2017

@WAYOFFTOPICRDIO Hosts @KRSPZ & @LLNKZ jump on the mics and do what we do best! Tell some funny fucked up stories! Here is some Gold for all the Way OffTopic Radio Fans! Stream or Download the Show From iTunes, Stitcher radio, the Podbean App and Proudly Featured at www.RedDragonsRadio.com ...Cheers!


Back When Music was just That!

March 18, 2017

Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio! " Hosts @LlNKZ and @MissyLinkz bring you the Friday Night Staple of @WayOffTopicRdio Where we always bring you 3 great songs by a band from Back When Music was Just That! "Music!" This week Creeds first Album is Featured! Stream or Download the show from iTunes, Stitcher Radio, The Podbean app and Proudly on www.RedDragonsRadio.com


You Cant Take @LlNKZ Anywhere!

March 14, 2017

@WayOffTopicRdio 3-13-17 Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio! " Hosts @KRSPZ and @LLNKZ go way off topic after they went to see #Logan! and of course something not normal happens! Stream or download the show at Stitcher Radio, the Podbean app, iTunes and Proudly on www.RedDragonsRadio.com


Back when Music was gooder! (Eminem Part2, Recovery)

March 11, 2017

@WayOffTopicRdio Presents " Back When Music was Gooder! @MissyLinkz shares her favorite Eminem Album "Recovery" with us along with some fun funny banter that only two lucky souls can do when their madly, furiously and Very Smitten with each other! And shes very nice to look at too! Lets be honest here! Ima 2 that trapped a 10 folks! One of the lucky ones! Its awesome how far pity will get ya lol oh ya this shows Bio! Umm Eminem part2 " Recovery " Presented by @MissyLinkz and Hosted by @LLNKZ Stream or download the show from Stitcher Radio, the Podbean App, iTunes and Proudly Featured at www.RedDragonsRadio.com PEACE!!! And stay sexy! Chya!!! lol if you get that last part? DM Me so we can pull-the-strings!


When the Music was Gooder! (Eminem)

March 5, 2017

Welcome to " Way Off topic Radio " the Show where you're hosts @LLNKZ and @KRSPZ take a talk show about Anything and Everything and Add to it the extra content no other show can Provide! From Shows with Guest hosts talking #GameofThrones to short segments of good Music from our better years to allot more then you can ever imagine! The possiblities and limits of what your always about to hear are, Just that in a word " Limitless " ...Cheers!


Game of Thrones Spoilers and Lore with Guest Host @idonwilli VALAR MORGHULIS

March 1, 2017

Welcome to " Way Off Topic Radio " Hosts @KRSPZ & @LLNKZ are very honored to have @idonwilli Creater of the #GameofThrones YouTube Channel " A Don Of Ice and Fire " on the show talking GoT Spoilers and Lore with us along with many other things! Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO and Stream or Download the show at Stitcher Radio, Podbean app, iTunes and very Proudly at RedDragonsRadio.com